Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back at it!

Whew! After a week away in Cuba and an all-nighter travelling, I am finally energetic enough to be sewing again!!! One of my sisters had a baby about 6 weeks ago (I know--I'm super late to be finally sewing a baby gift!) and it was high time to sew a gift for my newest nephew.

It's from the book, 'Sewing for Boys'--the Raw-edged Raglan Tee. I love this pattern--it's one of my favourites from this book. It's nice and quick plus great for trying out new applique ideas!

The fabrics are a Stretch Ottoman Knit Turquoise and a Rayon blend Baby Rib Knit in Heather Grey. Both were bought from The turquoise knit I had bought quite a while ago in the hopes of using it for cuffs and a neckband for a pair of pjs for my daughter. I've never made those yet....
The Heather Grey Rib Knit, I used previously for a t-shirt for myself. I don't think I posted about that yet. I might just have to do that yet.

Here is a close-up of the applique--a cute little dog that I found here. And, no, I did not applique it the wrong way--the fabric is opposite of a rib knit in that the stretch goes the opposite way! I had to get used to that while sewing it, but it added a neat 'dimension' to the shirt.  

And, for those who are like me and like to inspect the seams, etc. Here is a close-up of the neck-band (note the way the fabric is 'ribbed') and the exposed seams.
Now, just to mail it out to my sister for her newest little (or not-so-little--he's bigger than my 3 month old) man!

Oh, and when we came home from Cuba, we found this:

Cute, eh?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Award

I found out that I've been given an award, or better said, my blog has been given an award. Deanna from Little D and Me awarded it to me. And, from what she said on her blog post, it is awarded to blogs with less than 200 followers. This blog definitely falls into that category!
So, now what I'm supposed to do is,
1) award it to 3-5 other small blogs
2) thank the person who awarded me with it (Thanks, Deanna :) Oh, and I have no idea how I manage to get as much sewing in as I do!!)
3) Display the Liebster Blog Award somewhere on my blog...

So, to these blogs goes the Liebster Award:

1) Jess from Gracious Threads. A brand new blog run by my friend, an awesome sewist, Jess!
2) Stacey at Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy. Stacey is currently hosting a Sewing For Boys Sew-along. She has some awesome creativity!
And, last but not least,
3)  Tammy at Happy is...what Happy Does . She has done an awesome tutorial on reverse applique--go check her work out!

So, that is the Liebster Blog Award.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bright 'n Bold Bag

Quite a while ago, my sister-in-law had asked me to sew her a bag and had given me a picture of what she approximately wanted. That picture hung on my bulletin board for quite some time until recently, she came by and looked through my lovely fabric stash. I love the fabric she chose--it's bright and bold and I was super excited to combine two fabrics I would never have thought to put together!

The outer fabric is an outdoor type fabric that I managed to pick up at our local second hand store.

The inside is a repurposed pillowcase--pink and orange, also from the second hand store.
I had been hoarding these fabrics--thinking the pink and orange would make a pretty dress sometime, and a pillow case dress just wasn't going to do it. Plus, how was I going to incorporate such different and yet awesomely matched colors in a dress so that they'd both stand out? This bag is perfect for that--both the pink and the orange get to be shown off--one on each strap.

Well over a year ago, I had made a similar bag, but with a much shorter strap. If I remember correctly, I got the tutorial from the Sewing Dorkhere.
Super easy bag and again, I love the colors my SIL chose! I would've probably been boring and put a blue with the blue...sigh...I think I need to get more daring...
Oh, and because these fabrics have been in my stash for who knows how long, I'm linking up!