Monday, December 30, 2013

Sewing For Pregnancy Care Centres 2014

I am so excited to be hosting the 2nd annual 'Sewing for Pregnancy Care Centres'!
We hope to get started January and go all the way to February--so two whole months of sewing for Pregnancy Care Centres!
Last year we managed to get quite a few items sewn and delivered to the local Pregnancy Care Centre here in Edmonton, AB.

Here is a glimpse of what was sewn last year:

 If you go to the Flickr group you can see the rest of the pictures and find the links to the blog posts of most of these pictures!

I'll go over again why we're doing what we're doing and what the Pregnancy Care Centre does with what we donate!

There are a lot of abortions that are done--so many I don't even dare to look up the statistics. In fact, if I am not mistaken those statistics are far from accurate in Canada--there are far more abortions performed than are reported.
My heart goes out to those women who find themselves pregnant unexpectedly. Either teenagers or women who have no means to support a child, etc.
And, I want to help--I really do. But, how do I go about helping these women, to in a small way encourage those who choose life for their child and also to encourage more women to do the same?
In Edmonton, just 40 minutes away, there is a Pregnancy Care Centre. This is a place that women who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant can go and get help--physical help, information, counselling, etc.
Is there a Pregnancy Care Centre in your area?
What do they need? 
This is what the one in Edmonton has to say about that:
"Part of what we provide for our clients is a big baby hamper full of blankets and clothes. So it is really up to you what you would like to donate. We love receiving quilts, toques, clothes to add to our layettes and all our clients love them as well."
So, here is where we come in--here is where we can do a little something to show our support to those women who choose life for their children!
I propose that we sew quilts, baby clothes, etc and donate them either to your local Pregnancy Care Centre or, you can send them to me and I will bring them to the one here in Edmonton.
 (Just email me if you plan to send them out this way so I can give you my address!)
You can upload pictures of what you have sewn to our Flickr group!

Plus, grab a button to share and send others this way!

FABulous Home Sewn
<div align="center"><a href="" title="FABulous Home Sewn" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="FABulous Home Sewn" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

So, for the months of January and February, join us in sewing for Pregnancy Care Centres!
There will be a giveaway or two for those participating, so make sure that you upload your pictures to Flickr!
Also, you can join us on the Facebook Event page for this!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ottobre 6/2013 'Indian Elephant'

Almost 2 years ago, when our youngest was born, a friend gave me some fabric.
I finally used this piece here--the white stretchy, almost terry-like fabric.
Ha, can you tell I have no idea what it is called and it's the first time I've used this type of fabric.
But, a friend at Church had a baby boy a while ago...a wee little preemie born at 29 weeks, 2 days!
And, he is already home, just over a month after his birth--I can hardly believe it!!!

So, I thought I'd sew something up for the little guy.
I had already sewed something up, but now that he is home, those won't be necessary (I'll blog about them later!)

I pulled out my Ottobre magazines and leafed through them Thursday night. I was too tired to do any tracing that night but Friday night, I traced, cut, and started sewing.
Saturday, I finished--the most time-consuming thing was lining up the snaps and hammering them in. Seriously.
This pattern is a quick sew, but I really like how it turned out.
It is from Ottobre 6/2013, 'Indian Elephant' which is pattern #3.
I sewed up the smallest--size 50...we'll see when he can fit into it, although I can hardly imagine a baby so small!
The blue knit fabric is from the thrift store.
I love myself a good deal on fabric!

I hope I can pass this off tomorrow, finally! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

December Finishes

Yep, that Tinny is still elusive.
But, I did finish my main goal--the order for Necktie Napkins!
You can read more about them here!
And, I got some baby gifts sewn--although, now that the little man is out of the NICU, he won't be needing the gift I made, so I plan on working on something else for him yet....eventually!
Anyway, it's hard to believe another year is drawing to a close--so glad the shortest day of the year has come and gone! It's all uphill from here.
Even though winter has just officially started, we've had some brutally cold weather and horrid roads--we're suffering from just a little bit of cabin fever!

Monday, December 23, 2013

'Leather' Book Marks--a Last Minute Christmas Gift!

First of all, I would like to wish you all a blessed Christmas!
What a joy to be able to spend a day focused on remembering that Jesus Christ--the Son of God--God Himself became a man so that He could be the ultimate sacrifice--the Savior of those whom God has called.
Amazing Grace!
We are starting our own family traditions this year in regard to Christmas Eve and such, and our main goal is to focus on Christ.
The gifts are but a small part and in keeping with that, I wanted to make them something that they could use, nothing extravagant, but that was also special.
And, if you know my family at all--we are book worms.
Almost all of us.
So, I thought it'd be fitting to whip together some neat book marks or 'mark-books' as the kids call them to bug me!
They'll go well with the books the kids are getting...
I took pictures along the way to give you an idea of what I did--a bit of a tutorial, I guess.
Don't mind the quality of the pictures--this was done in 'secret'--most taken in my 'no-natural' light laundry room, at night.
What you'll need:
Leather or fake leather
Embroidery floss and needle
Wonder Under
Sewing machine and thread
First, cut strips of leather (or fake leather which I used) into bookmark sized pieces.
Next, I found a font I liked on Word--I can't remember exactly which one, but I only used it for the first letter. If you're artistic, you won't need to do this.
Copy the font onto your leather with chalk so you can rub it off if you need to fix mistakes...

Take your embroidery floss and I split it so that I had two threads in at a time.
Trace the chalk lettering with your stitches.
Cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of Wonder Under to fit each book mark.

Attach the Wonder Under to the leather. Remove the paper backing and iron onto the fabric. (Make sure you always have the leather on the bottom so you are not directly ironing the leather!)
This is what the front will look like:

This is what you'll have on the back:

Find some co-ordinating thread and thread your sewing machine with that. (I did different colors for the top and bobbin thread.)
Stitch 1/4" around all the edges.
And, this is what the front will look like:

And, the back:

And, you're done.
You can add other embellishments but remember that it has to go in a book--so nothing too thick.
Instead of hand-stitching the name on the front, you could applique something on there as well. Just make sure you remember that a hole made in the leather is not easily hidden and will weaken it, so the less holes, the better!
Perfect for the bookworm on your list!
And, it's quick enough to whip one up last minute!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Neck-Tie Napkins

A friend of mine asked me to sew her up a bunch of Neck-Tie Napkins for some Christmas gifts.
I enjoy doing things within a deadline. It's a good motivation to get something done.

She provided the fabric for the neckties--I think it's from Walmart.  
The black fabric is from Fabricland, the brown from Walmart as well, and the red is the cayenne red from Bella Solids which I got from the Fat Quarter Shop.

One of my favourite parts is packaging it up--a little ribbon, a pretty price tag, everything pressed nicely.

Anyway, I think it's pretty safe to finally post this, I don't think any of the little people receiving these reads my blog.
Tutorial used with permission from Sweetie Pie Bakery for the purpose of selling small quantities.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! *CLOSED*

I *love* giveaways!
So, of course, I have to join in with the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day week!
First of all, welcome to all people that are visiting--I love hopping around on the blogs and finding new blogs for inspiration!
For those that haven't followed my blog for a while, here is a taste of what you'll find:
I sew some small quilts, a lot of clothes--men's, women's, boy's, and girl's.
Plus, toys, bibs, and more!
I do have some tutorials as well--my most popular being the Zippered Book Cover Tutorial that you can find here:
Zippered Book Cover
Something that I plan on bringing back in January/February 2014 is the Sewing for Pregnancy Care Centres sew-along!
FABulous Home Sewn
We had some fantastic giveaways and were able to bring a nice stack of baby clothing and quilts to the local Pregnancy Care Centre here in Edmonton, Alberta!
(If you are interested in joining or sponsoring this, let me know--we'd love to have you join us!)
But, I know everyone is busy going from blog to blog, commenting and hoping to win and you are probably curious what you can win here.
A five fat quarter bundle of cute owls and flowers!
*This giveaway is open internationally--yay!
*Please leave a comment--how about you let me know where you are from? I enjoy meeting readers from all over the world!
*Leave another comment if you are a follower or become a follower for another chance!
*Giveaway will close on December 13th at 5PM my time (MST).
(I moderate the comments, so if yours does not show up right away, it will!)
***Winner is Zura! Congratulations--I will be emailing you shortly!***

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Julia Cardigan

(this post contains affiliate links)

I was so excited last month to be chosen to help test the Julia Cardigan from Mouse House.
It's such a quick, easy sew but looks so nice!
I sewed up the medium with cap sleeves.
don't mind the little baby bump...that was at 12 weeks :)
The fabric I had found at the 2nd hand store quite some time ago and was saving it for something for myself... It's quite thin so it needed to be something layered--a cardigan was perfect!

I've worn this a number of times already and have plans for more!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Goals

I have a number of goals for December again...
I always have tons of goals but I don't always never finish all of them!
At least some of them get crossed off each month!
So, for this month, I have an order for Necktie Napkins that I need to finish.
That is goal #1.
Goals #2-500 include some more baby gifts, still that ever-elusive Tinny Dress (I think my plan to use a button placket that is already made instead of the zipper is hanging me up a little...any advice? How much should I leave off the back pieces where I'd normally insert an invisible zipper?)
Some more 'selfish' sewing--including some maternity clothes, more cardigans (I'll post about my first soon! It's a lovely new pattern from Mouse House Creations!)
And, the list could go on....and on....
And, because I have no pictures again, I thought I'd share this video of part of a Church service in Cuba.
It's at night so you can't see the faces but there were over 40 people packed in a tiny little room, some standing outside, but all eager to hear the Word of God being preached!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Finishes and Other News

My finishes this month are:
Tag Blankets
Rag Blanket
No, I've still not gotten to that Tinny Dress....
And, in other exciting news, I've joined the Amelie and Henri team!
My main task there is to edit the PDF patterns and any other documents that are sent out.
I used to do a lot of writing and I still love it--I just don't have as much time for it anymore!
But, this will keep my editing skills honed!
Yep, I'm quite excited!
Go have a look at their Etsy page--they have some beautiful patterns!

Even more exciting news, and one reason why I've been more quiet in the sewing world, we are expecting our 5th child!
I got to hear the heartbeat today after a trying week and we are so thankful!
Lord-willing we hope to meet this little one in the beginning of June, 2014.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Some More Baby Sewing

My sister had a baby.
Since I had to mail the gift, I thought I'd make something small.
A tag blanket it was.
The top layer here is flannel which I received from a friend.
The ribbon is all from my stash--from when I used to do a lot more scrapbooking and card making.

And, the back is some quilting cotton--'Off to the Rescue by Becky Taunton for Newcastle Fabrics.'
This fabric I bought at the Fat Quarter Shop quite a while ago, but it fit perfectly with the rescue vehicles on the flannel!

I cut two 8" x 8" squares, basted the ribbon in place, then sewed them with right sides together, leaving a hole for turning.
Turn, press, and top-stitch. Done.
I sent one off to my new nephew--the other one may go to a friend's new baby unless I sew something else for him....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rag Blanket Baby Gift

Coming home from Cuba, there were two babies that we *had* to welcome with a gift.
I got on one gift right away, the other will have to wait until later this week.
But, here it is.
I got to meet the little man today--such a sweet little guy!

The fabric is flannelette--the blue I received from a friend, and the white is from Fabricland.
There is a double layer of flannelette, and it's prewashed to start the ruffled look (and to save their washer and dryer from the lint!)

Hopefully this'll help keep him warm in the freezing cold winters up here!
Congrats M & M, and God's blessing in raising the little man!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Goals

We just got back home from Cuba early Tuesday morning.
It was another successful trip, and we continue to praise our God for safety, for getting everything in, and for the blessed time we could have with the Church in Cuba.
But, now it's back to the cold, wintery life here.
And, I do have a list of things I want to finish in November!
First of all, two babies were born while we were gone--my sister had a little boy and some good friends of ours had a little boy as well.
Both these little boys will hopefully be getting something sewn.
So, that is first on my list.
Next, I have the Tinny pattern from Straight Grain laying on my desk with the fabric all picked out.
I would like to get that done as well.
Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, October 25, 2013

October Finishes

Well, the PJs got knocked off my list this month.
I have drawn up plans for my daughter's Tinny, and fabric picked out for that as well.
The boys' button-up shirts....well....they still have not come to fruition.
And, I have no time to sew the rest of this month....we are going on a trip to Cuba again a bit later, and I have to pack and plan for that!
So, the PJs and the bibs for an order, but I forgot to take pictures of the bibs....
Hopefully November goals will be done a bit better!

Go-To Leggings

Andrea, from Go-To Patterns and The Train to Crazy, is having a blog tour on her blog and I'm joining in!
I have really enjoyed sewing up a number of her patterns and have a number to still sew up one of these days.  
Last Spring I had whipped up an Anywhere Dress (details here) from Go-To Patterns.
It still fits my daughter, so to make it a little more fall friendly, I thought I'd whip up some Go-To Leggings.
I had bought the pattern a while back already with the intent to sew these up--the blog tour was just the motivation I needed.
 (I had actually covered up my sewing machine already in preparation for our trip to Cuba, but pulled it out to whip these up!)
The first word out of my daughter's mouth when she put them on was, 'Comfy!'
That means success!

And, they do look comfy--I want to whip myself up a bunch of leggings now.
They're so easy to sew up, and fast--I can see myself making them assembly line style.

They add a whole new level of modesty--no more undies peaking out!

The fabric is from It is a rib knit--so soft!
(I used the same on the Anywhere Dress but you can tell that it has been worn and washed a lot! The color is slightly different now...)
The leggings are sewn in size 3T.
Both patterns are great patterns--easy to sew up, and perfect for your first knit project!

'Fluffy' had to get in on the pictures :)
 Thanks Andrea, for having me on your tour, and for some really neat patterns!
 Click on the picture to visit Andrea's shop!
This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manly Cloth Napkin

I was recently asked to make a man bib.
I was picturing a man wearing a much enlarged baby bib and it just did not make for a pretty picture.

Img from Sweetie Pie Bakery
 I made the actual napkin a little bigger since it was to be for a man, and I zig-zagged the tie onto the napkin to make a cleaner finish.
Now, I just wish my photography skills would improve...sigh...

The black (yes it is black, not grey) fabric is broadcloth left over from my sons' capes.
The red flannelette was also from my stash...I was surprised how many reds I actually have--not tons since I don't often use red, but enough to have some selection.  

But, this should work, and my customer seemed happy with it when she picked it up.