Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Goals

I have a number of goals for December again...
I always have tons of goals but I don't always never finish all of them!
At least some of them get crossed off each month!
So, for this month, I have an order for Necktie Napkins that I need to finish.
That is goal #1.
Goals #2-500 include some more baby gifts, still that ever-elusive Tinny Dress (I think my plan to use a button placket that is already made instead of the zipper is hanging me up a little...any advice? How much should I leave off the back pieces where I'd normally insert an invisible zipper?)
Some more 'selfish' sewing--including some maternity clothes, more cardigans (I'll post about my first soon! It's a lovely new pattern from Mouse House Creations!)
And, the list could go on....and on....
And, because I have no pictures again, I thought I'd share this video of part of a Church service in Cuba.
It's at night so you can't see the faces but there were over 40 people packed in a tiny little room, some standing outside, but all eager to hear the Word of God being preached!


  1. I've given up on goals. :-)

    Thanks for the clip!

  2. Some Maternity clothes? Is there something you need to tell me, lol just kidding. Good luck on your goals,Can you line up the already made with your pattern to see how much you need to leave off on your Tinny Dress?


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