Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ottobre 6/2013 'Indian Elephant'

Almost 2 years ago, when our youngest was born, a friend gave me some fabric.
I finally used this piece here--the white stretchy, almost terry-like fabric.
Ha, can you tell I have no idea what it is called and it's the first time I've used this type of fabric.
But, a friend at Church had a baby boy a while ago...a wee little preemie born at 29 weeks, 2 days!
And, he is already home, just over a month after his birth--I can hardly believe it!!!

So, I thought I'd sew something up for the little guy.
I had already sewed something up, but now that he is home, those won't be necessary (I'll blog about them later!)

I pulled out my Ottobre magazines and leafed through them Thursday night. I was too tired to do any tracing that night but Friday night, I traced, cut, and started sewing.
Saturday, I finished--the most time-consuming thing was lining up the snaps and hammering them in. Seriously.
This pattern is a quick sew, but I really like how it turned out.
It is from Ottobre 6/2013, 'Indian Elephant' which is pattern #3.
I sewed up the smallest--size 50...we'll see when he can fit into it, although I can hardly imagine a baby so small!
The blue knit fabric is from the thrift store.
I love myself a good deal on fabric!

I hope I can pass this off tomorrow, finally! 


  1. Very cute! Nicely finished - I had a hard time setting snaps till I got my snap press, especially as I have wrist problems. I've heard good things about the KAMsnaps pliers too.
    The fabric sounds like some type of french terry.

  2. That fabric is adorable and I am so pleased to hear your friends baby is home already!! What a miracle! Too big is always better then too small too! :D


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