Monday, March 25, 2013

Carousel Top by Go-To Patterns

I recently tested the new Carousel Top  by Go-To Patterns that is available in their Pattern Anthology here:
It has gathering on the sleeves and the front bodice.
I skipped out on the stay-tape or the stabilizer--only because I just do not have that in the house and a trip into town with four kids is not just done for one item...

There is also a key-hole opening in the back, with the option of using a button to close that key-hole.
I opted for just sewing it shut.

I have to admit that somehow it ended up in the wrong wash pile after her first time of wearing it.
It shrunk a bit as I usually wash knits in cold water, not warm...
So now, it is a tad shorter on her, but the length is what it shows in the pictures and I was quite happy with the length.
A cute basic tee for my little girl.
It's available in the Sun and Surf Collection!  
And, to see more of the neat patterns Go To Patterns has, click on the following link or on the link in my sidebar!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Infinity Scarf

I joined the infinity scarf bandwagon.
After a week or two of no sewing, I wanted a quick and easy project and I had wanted to sew an infinity scarf for quite some time now. I finally got around to it.

The tutorials that I used are from The DIY Mommy over here and the tutorial from the Cottage Home Mama over here.
I used the technique from The DIY Mommy but the measurements from the Cottage Home Mama.
Fabric is from Girl Charlee. It is the dusty pink stripe jersey knit--I'm not sure if they still carry it, I cannot seem to find it back.
But, this'll be a great accessory to liven up a boring black t-shirt!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Spring.....or Not

No, seriously.....look at your calendar. It's Spring.
Sigh...these pictures are taken here in our area--I travel this road quite frequently and had planned on going to town today via this road. From what I gather, this is a bit further south on the Highway, but still, pretty crazy out there.
(Alex) A 60-car pileup has closed Alberta's QEII Highway just north of Leduc. Area hospitals are preparing to treat some 300 minor to moderate injuries.

Please everyone, just stay home! 

Photo via 102.3 Now Radio Edmonton
Photo via 102.3 Now Radio Edmonton

300 injured in massive pileups between Calgary and Edmonton
Photo via Sun News

Photo via GlobalTV Edmonton
Edmonton-area hospitals treating more than 300 people injured in snow-related crashes
Photo via Edmonton Journal
(Most of the pictures should be linked to the stories they are attached to--just click on the pictures)
RCMP are not recommending travel this afternoon.

Emergency crews have been busy responding to several motor vehicle collisions along the QE 2, including a 60 car pile up just south of the Millet overpass.

The Leduc Integrated Traffic Services Unit advising the highway is in poor condition, both north and southbound lanes.

Police say slippery roads, heavy snow fall and white out conditions are causing problems.

The RCMP are asking motorists to refrain from traveling at this time, and ask those who are to turn on their headlights, yield to emergency vehicles, use extreme caution and reduce your speed.

RCMP are also advising anyone who happens to go off the road or get stuck to please remain in your vehicle until they can safely get alternative transportation and not walk on or near the highway, as it is unsafe to do so.
That's the recommendation out here. And, did I tell you, it's supposed to be Spring.
Yep, this is definitely Alberta!
Drive safe!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet My Machine & Sewing Space

The Tilted Quilt is having a blog hop party called Meet My Machine.
The Tilted Quilt
 So, I thought I'd join in on the fun and show you where I sew and what I sew on. I have done a previous post about my sewing machine, but I'll recap some here...
This is my sewing machine--a Janome 4120 QDC.

This was a birthday present from my dear husband--about 2.5 months before my birthday...
My old Shark had given up and the old Elna I had gotten for a wedding present, I just could not figure out. Plus, there was no bobbins for it that I could find and I really did not want to spend a fortune on bobbins, etc from E-bay when I did not even know if I could figure it out.
So, in came this sewing machine. I was intent on getting a Pfaff ambition, and was so certain that that was what I'd get. Until I tested them both and really liked this one better--a lot better.
I have NOT named it and really don't intend too--I was very picky about any stickers being put on and was disappointed that my sewing machine shop put one on after I had brought it in for maintenance...
So, that is my machine, very briefly. If you want to hear a bit more about it, you can check out that other post here.
Here is my sewing space:
It's an L-shaped desk where I have one half for sewing and often my husband will be sitting behind me doing his Spanish on the computer. I admit, I often take up more than my fair share--I actually tidied up before I took the pictures. And, in that left-hand corner, I have a plastic bag where I throw in all my scraps that are pretty much un-usable, though I do sometimes dig in there and find things I can use--as do my children! Under that is my old shark and the quilting table extension for my machine plus my cutting mat and rulers. I also have my thread in a plastic bin there as well as things like rotary cutter, safety pins, fabric markers, needles, etc.

And, here is where I store some of my fabric (flannel on the right, knits on the left) plus there are my patterns in the green bag, all in individual large ziploc bags. My sewing books are beside that green bag, to the right and to the left is my interfacing, wonder-under, zippers, buttons, bias-tape, etc. This is in my laundry room, right across from where I sew, in a tiny, relatively dark room that is squishy.

My ironing board against one wall, and I can turn around in the middle to reach over to grab stuff out of those cupboards (above picture) above my washing machine and dryer.

This stack of bins with the rest of my fabric stash is right behind the laundry room door, right beside my ironing board. (From top to bottom, knits, quilting cotton, home-dec/and heavier fabrics.)

I'd LOVE to have my own sewing room where I could put up shelves to put my fabric stash on. But, the benefit of this set-up right now is that I am in the main area of the house so I can keep an eye on my four kids while I sew, and in that way I can actually sew while the kids are up. Plus, it's nice to just spend time close to my husband in the evenings--even if that means sitting almost back to back!
Oh, and in other news, here is the last fat-eighth bundle that I won from Randi at Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics. Love this bundle, and have to figure out what I'll do with them yet!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

New RSS Reader

So...Google Reader is in it's final throes and I needed to find another easy way to follow blogs.
So, I noticed a lot of people turning to Bloglovin'.
Thought I'd give that one a go.
There is a new button on the side--follow with Bloglovin' to make it easy to follow my blog again.
You can click that link above, or the button on the side.
Anyway, we'll see how I like this reader....
Thanks for following along!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ugly Patterns

Simple Simon & Company are having an ugly pattern round-up. An ugly vintage pattern round-up.

So, I went through the few I have, knowing that there were a couple of ugly, ugly patterns in there.

The only thing I can think of taking from this pattern is the neckline. But, who ever thought of making a pattern that can go for both men and women?! That just does not work--we have such different body shapes...
Anyway, this top one just made me giggle. I don't know if it's the choice of fabric or the absolutely silly shape of those pants. Definitely 70's style.

Ah, and then this one. Yes, I can just picture sleeping in something like this! Ha, yes I'll sniff a rose while I'm at it too! And, that cinched up waist--reminds me of Ma Ingalls, who apparently had a waist that could be spanned by her husband's hands. Yes, very stylish--definitely hour-glass shape.
Anyway, those are two of my ugly patterns.
I actually have one where they've covered the whole room in fabric. Yes, even the walls--I got that one in a box of vintage patterns.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Invaded by Fierious Knights!

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest son came up to me and said, "Mom, you always sew for Anna, when are you going to sew something for us?"
So, I went fabric shopping after realizing that it does NOT have to be everyday clothes. In fact, it could be something fun--such as Knights!
I first sewed up these capes. They are mainly out of broadcloth though the black is a quilting cotton. They are reversible--the same C and I are done in the opposite color combo on the back. The boys were allowed to pick their own colors and these are the ones they came up with.
I used a free pattern from Nancy's Notions.
They thought that was it.
But, I had a surprise in store for them!

Suits of armor!
I used the pattern, Knight in Shining Armor by Becka Rahn from the book, Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders.
They are both made out of felt from Fabricland and it was a super easy, fun project. Other than trying to cut out the dragons...
They love them.

 This is them looking fierce......

Of course, some battles ensued...they are quite the fierious (My son's word--I think he has combined the words fierce and furious) knights.

And, my daughter was 'gifted' with my oldest son's old armor and wanted to get in on the picture taking:
We shall see how many fire-breathing dragons and evil enemies they shall slay as Fierious Knights!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Feet Can Rest...

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I had asked for some advice?
Which of these two piles I should use for a foot rest type thing?
And, overall consensus was the brown pile.
I'm glad because I really did like that pile better...
Well, it is done:
I had put it on hold a couple of times to whip other things up in the meantime--something I don't often do because I like to finish what I start. But, some pattern testing and a fun project for my boys had to be done. (I will post about those later--the pattern has not come out yet and I have to do step 2 in the boys' project. (step 1 is done completely and in use already--so not an unfinished project, just an other part of the project.))

But, back to this pillow type foot rest.
The pattern or tutorial comes from the book Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders.
It's the Tuffet Inspired Ottoman.  
And, the paper pieced star block is from Sew Happy Geek's tutorial here. I didn't use the tutorial--just the pattern.  

The fabrics are from Walmart so I do not know the name or designer--they were a fat quarter bundle there and the brown was about three yards of their cotton (baby bolt I think is what they call those.)
Plus, I used some pink flannel to thicken up this thin fabric by quilting it to the back.
The stuffing is three 16 oz bags of polyester fibrefill and I had a pillow with similar stuffing laying around that no body was or will be using--it is now a flat, empty pillowcase...

I did add a zipper to the bottom so that I could take the stuffing out if necessary and wash the cover. And, I'm glad I did--I really do not like handstitching and to handstitch a whole side closed would have been a bit much, I'd say. Plus, you can adjust the stuffing if needed--especially to keep the tuffet corners nice and stuffed.

It's perfect for to throw my feet up--I think I will go do so now.