Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Spring.....or Not

No, seriously.....look at your calendar. It's Spring.
Sigh...these pictures are taken here in our area--I travel this road quite frequently and had planned on going to town today via this road. From what I gather, this is a bit further south on the Highway, but still, pretty crazy out there.
(Alex) A 60-car pileup has closed Alberta's QEII Highway just north of Leduc. Area hospitals are preparing to treat some 300 minor to moderate injuries.

Please everyone, just stay home! 

Photo via 102.3 Now Radio Edmonton
Photo via 102.3 Now Radio Edmonton

300 injured in massive pileups between Calgary and Edmonton
Photo via Sun News

Photo via GlobalTV Edmonton
Edmonton-area hospitals treating more than 300 people injured in snow-related crashes
Photo via Edmonton Journal
(Most of the pictures should be linked to the stories they are attached to--just click on the pictures)
RCMP are not recommending travel this afternoon.

Emergency crews have been busy responding to several motor vehicle collisions along the QE 2, including a 60 car pile up just south of the Millet overpass.

The Leduc Integrated Traffic Services Unit advising the highway is in poor condition, both north and southbound lanes.

Police say slippery roads, heavy snow fall and white out conditions are causing problems.

The RCMP are asking motorists to refrain from traveling at this time, and ask those who are to turn on their headlights, yield to emergency vehicles, use extreme caution and reduce your speed.

RCMP are also advising anyone who happens to go off the road or get stuck to please remain in your vehicle until they can safely get alternative transportation and not walk on or near the highway, as it is unsafe to do so.
That's the recommendation out here. And, did I tell you, it's supposed to be Spring.
Yep, this is definitely Alberta!
Drive safe!

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  1. OMG, don't leave the house, that looks dangerous, keep safe.


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