Monday, March 25, 2013

Carousel Top by Go-To Patterns

I recently tested the new Carousel Top  by Go-To Patterns that is available in their Pattern Anthology here:
It has gathering on the sleeves and the front bodice.
I skipped out on the stay-tape or the stabilizer--only because I just do not have that in the house and a trip into town with four kids is not just done for one item...

There is also a key-hole opening in the back, with the option of using a button to close that key-hole.
I opted for just sewing it shut.

I have to admit that somehow it ended up in the wrong wash pile after her first time of wearing it.
It shrunk a bit as I usually wash knits in cold water, not warm...
So now, it is a tad shorter on her, but the length is what it shows in the pictures and I was quite happy with the length.
A cute basic tee for my little girl.
It's available in the Sun and Surf Collection!  
And, to see more of the neat patterns Go To Patterns has, click on the following link or on the link in my sidebar!

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