Monday, November 21, 2011

No Matching Buttons...

Sigh….I have two bags of buttons—one rather large bag which is a combination of bags from Zellers and Walmart plus some random buttons:

The other, a bag of shall we call them ‘antique’ buttons, though they’re more just thrifted buttons:

There are buttons of all colors in here, yet there are no matching buttons! I find a button that would be just perfect to go with the project I’m working on:

And, then find out I can find no matching button. I find another that would work, and still….no matching button! Maybe I should organize them by color or something to make them easier to wade through, though that seems like quite the task. Or, I could go out and buy a bunch of packs of matching buttons, and keep them separate. Or, I could resort to fabric covered buttons…I have a couple lying around, but have not yet had the inspiration to use them. Maybe this is the push I need to do so….


  1. LOL! sounds like my life lately..."no matching buttons!" cute project! I need buttons, too...I ordered Asher and juniya each a hand knit sweater but i think his looks too girly and want to change the buttons! we should go button shopping! :) darci

  2. Darci, maybe we should go button shopping :P Not sure where to go to get cheap, yet matching buttons... ps I love the fabric you chose for their blankets!!


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