Thursday, November 22, 2012


 We went to Cuba for our 4th time and I thought I'd share some of the beauty of that country with you:

During our trip, we biked down to the beach with a friend and brother of Christ. 
The waves rolling in was just awesome and we spent a little bit of time, just drinking in that ocean air.

One of the many types of trees in Cuba. I'm not sure what the fruit on this tree is, but if I'm not mistaken, and remember correctly, it was some sort of nut.
We parked our bikes here--a 'tourist' spot for the locals.

On the way back, the landscape was breath-taking. The Sierra Maestra mountain range in the background with rolling fields and scattered palm trees and forests.

Flamingoes. We could not get any closer and neither could my camera but that is the first time I've ever seen flamingoes in the wild. Pretty cool!

This sweet little boy sitting on top of a bunch of bananas was his dad's idea. I was amazed the banana bunches were that strong!
And, a present for us from one of the families we stayed with. We had a good laugh, took some pictures without getting our toes snapped, and then released the fellow.
And, those are just a glimpse into the beautiful country of Cuba.
We could not post all our pictures for privacy reasons, but if you are interested, and you are in the local area, we'd love to share our pictures and how the Lord directs our path while there!

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