Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Figgy's Patterns Highlight

Have you seen the great bundle of patterns? 18 patterns for $24.95 instead of $139!
Ok, so I have to say my favourite pattern in the bundle is this one (at least I think so right now...sigh...many of them are really neat!):
Tee Length
Img from Figgy's
The Banyan Tee and Tunic.

Sharp in Stripes
Img from Figgy's

I really, really like that it is for both boys and girls! Plus, that handkerchief hem is great--it would definitely be a great addition to any wardrobe. Plus it comes in sizes 18 mos- 8/9 year. This pattern would be a staple pattern for years!
Plus, there is the Banyan Trousers and Shorts pattern as well.
Nani Iro
Img from Figgy's
 And, also for boys:

Ankle Cuff
Img from Figgy's

This one also ranges in size from 18 mos to 8/9 years.
Also, in the bundle from Figgy's patterns is the Scirocco Dress.
Silk Scirocco
Img from Figgy's
It features an open back and a flounce.
Img from Figgy's
This one also comes in sizes 18 mos to 8/9 years.
Check out their shop here:
Figgy's Patterns
and buy these 3 patterns plus 15 more in the bundle here:
I hope to highlight some more of the patterns tomorrow, so come back and check them out! 

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