Monday, January 20, 2014

Tree Climber Trousers

My little man needed some new pants for Sunday.
He is super tiny for his age--he's almost 2 but in 12-18 month clothing.
Plus, he's super slim, so I needed a pattern that wouldn't have baggy legs.
In comes the Tree Climber Trousers from Go-To Patterns.
I would have loved to do the parachute buckle option, but I didn't have any belting and was in no mood to make it.
There was also an option for belt loops which I also didn't do.
So, elastic waist it was.

The navy blue fabric is a twill I got from a friend--there's plenty left for more pairs of pants!
The buttons are from my stash, unfortunately the one had a bit of a chip in it, but I still couldn't resist using them.
I love the topstitching! It adds so much to the pants.

Plus, you can reinforce the knee by putting a double layer of fabric there--it's all in the instructions which are very clear!
My little man is quite pleased with the pants--he did not want to take them off when I tried them on him for hemming, and he was thrilled with the pockets.

Because I made the size 18 months, they're still a little wide in the butt for my little man, but they should last quite a while. (I just may regret not reinforcing the knee the way this little guy grows doesn't grow.)
But, if you want to buy this pattern for yourself, visit Go-To Patterns and look for the Tree Climber Trousers!

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  1. I love them! You are right - the top stitching looks very good. And elastic waist is perfect for this age, I'm sure his shirt never stays tucked in anyway!


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