Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday Spent Sewing Skinnies

This past week while washing my second son's Sunday pants that he usually wears to Church, I noticed a hole on the knee.
And, it wasn't just a little hole anymore.
Seems that boys tend to crawl a lot when playing...sigh...
So, Wednesday night I took out my copy of Peek-a-Boo's Skinny Jeans pattern, and I started to trace.
I was feeling rather sick and ended up tracing a size 6 instead of a size 5, and I was just too tired to start over. So, I finished tracing it, thinking I could use that tracing for my other son eventually...
Well, I also didn't have any stretch bottom-weights in my stash, so I pulled out this corduroy on Saturday and decided to wing it on the size 6, thinking I could always take it in if necessary.

I'm glad I used the size 6--it'll get a bit of longer wear than if I had done the 5, though I had to hem a 2" hem.

My machine had a bit of a hard time which is weird since I've sewn with corduroy more often and had no problems. So, I didn't add the belt loops as I thought it'd be too much for my machine.
I did the adjustable waistband which is a must for my kids!

I love the detailing on these pants. If I had actually used a contrasting thread for topstitching, it would have added a lot of fun as well, but I just used black and you can't see the topstitching though it does make a more professional finish.

I had a special request to add a tag on the leg again--so they could see the fun fabric that was used as the lining of the pockets.

And, a faux fly since I was in a definite hurry to get these sewn--I had Saturday--the day that I usually clean house, so that was done as quickly and thoroughly as possible so I would have some time to sew. The button does open!

As usual, pockets are a must!

Even a cute little extra pocket.

A couple of notes about the pattern:
-if you have the older version, it doesn't tell you to use a 1/4" SA for attaching the back top to the back. Amy clarified for me very quickly--thanks Amy!!!
-if you want to do the actual fly, the instructions aren't in the pattern. You have to go to the Sew-Along which can be found here: Sew-Along.
All in all a great pattern that I will probably sew up again and again!
If you want to buy a copy of the pattern, you can find it here:

Image of Skinny Jeans

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  1. These look so professional - and I love the accent fabric peeking out!


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