Monday, April 14, 2014

Mystery Challenge--A Look Back in Time

Mystery Challenge....
Whew--when I got my challenge from Stephanie over at Swoodson Says--a professional school picture of myself when I was younger, I wasn't sure where to start!!!
My school pictures are not very inspiring. At all.
No fun dresses, no outlandish styles.
Mostly sweaters and t-shirts.
In fact, I hated dresses as a kid and did all I could to dress like a boy.
I actually considered putting together a boy outfit, but that wasn't going to work out the way I wanted.
1997--and yes, I look this geeky on all my pictures after grade 1!
But, then I remembered that I still had the handkerchief that is tied around my neck on this one.
So, I knew I'd go with this one....
Only, what was I to make.
I didn't want to cut it up, and the style of having it tied around your neck is not in at all!
So, I thought, why not use the colors of my outfit and the teddy bears as the start off point.
I made a teddy bear and belt out of faux leather (a tutorial for this is coming up!!)
(UPDATE: Tutorial available here. It includes a free pattern for the Teddy Bear!)
The teddy bear is removable so she can just wear the belt.
I added some beads for the nose and the eyes.  
The leggings are the Go-To Leggings.
Made with a Robert Kaufman knit from, I believe.
I cut a size 3 so they fall right around the knee, so a little longer than the bike shorts length.

And, the dress is the Maggie Mae Tunic and Dress from Shwin Designs in size 4.
It is a little wide, but the belt hides it well!
These fabrics were in my stash--where they are originally from I do not know.
I know I used the brown in a diaper bag before (like years ago) so it might have come from Fabricland. The red may have come from the second hand store.

I also added some belt loops on the sides, to keep the belt in place properly.  
Some, cute star buttons out of my stash, and it's all done!
Notice the snow--it's almost gone!!!
And, her own posing--she loves new dresses and is always quite excited to have a new dress--'For me, Mom?'
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  1. I love the little bear :) What a great use of the inspiration picture!

  2. You look like my sister!! I love how the dress turned out, the buttons are adorable. Thanks for playing along :)

  3. Oh, I love it! Great inspiration piece, and the belt is awesome!

  4. ha! I love the theme she gave you. The teddy bear belt is adorable and I love that dress

  5. That is a great spin on the inspiration and an adorable dress! I would have been totally lost in the sauce if given that challenge, but you rocked it!

  6. How fun that she has an outfit inspired by somthing you wore as a child!

  7. What a fun challenge. You did a great job!

  8. That is a tough challenge! I love your twist on it. Your belt turned out fabulous.

  9. Darling solution to a tricky problem! Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday on The Inspired Wren.


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