Friday, August 29, 2014

Boys Bundle Up--Greenstyle Pullover and Brownie Goose Britches

There's a new bundle up sale over at Pattern Revolution!
And, I had the opportunity to sew up a couple of the patterns before the bundle hit the web!
Because my August was so busy, I chose two of what I thought would be the quicker was a really hard choice--I'm definitely planning on buying the rest--they all look amazing!
I chose the Brownie Goose's Butler Britches and Greenstyle's Shawl Collar Pullover.
Here is my second son, inspecting the great cuffs on the Butler Britches.
They're a great pair of pants to highlight a favourite fabric.
Plus, the line of the pant is not too baggy, it's actually quite slim around the upper legs.
This is what I get when I ask him to smile.
He is such a goof--I love it!

The Britches have two options for the back pockets--a regular pocket with a triangle flap or an asymmetrical flap. I *had* to choose the asymmetrical--such a fun pop of different!

And, the Shawl Collar Pull-over is a quick, fun sew as well.
I did the more laid back version with no button or shoulder tabs.
As a person who does not really like hemming, the cuffs and waist band were great features.
Here, I told him to point at the sign...
Which he did, and then....

He started to climb....

And, I had to tell him that he'd wreck his clothes before he even had a chance to wear them to Church! (The plan is for this to be his winter outfit for Church.)
He loves climbing up trees or anything for that matter.
And, these clothes are comfy enough to do that!

Fabrics I used are:
Butler Britches: a lovely grey suiting material that is oh-so-soft but I have no idea what it's made of--I got a couple yards from a friend. And, the cuffs and pocket fabric are an organic cotton from cloud9.
Shawl Collar Pull-Over: two spandex cotton knits from Girl Charlee (referral link). Black White Ethnic Diamond and Turquoise Blue.
This outfit looks so comfy--and my son says it is as well.
I love that he can look stylish yet comfy at the same time!
Make sure to take a look at all the other stops on the tour.
And, don't forget to go get your bundle!

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