Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dress for a Wedding--Fail brother-in-law got married recently and I wanted to make myself a dress for the wedding.
I'm still nursing my baby, and I had bought a too-large dress shirt from the thrift shop thinking I could convert it into a dress.
I had this vision, using the Ladies Caroline from the Mouse House. (affiliate links)  
So, a couple of days before the wedding, after all my other 'must-get-done's' were done, I set to work.
And, the day before the wedding, I got it done.

I tried it on, and my husband says, 'hmm....looks a little frumpy.'
So, I wore a different dress to the wedding--one I've worn to most of our sibling's weddings--one that was a little more elegant.

And, this dress has been delegated as the 'working-at-home-in-the-garden-or-in-the-kitchen' dress.
I still love it.
I can nurse in it, I feel somewhat dressed up at home.
And, I don't feel frumpy--just dressed for work! ha!
Oh, and the Mouse House has a 20% off sale all patterns in her shop right now--just not the bundled Carolyn. Go check it out and use the code SHOWCASE20 .  


  1. You now what?

    I think your version of the dress would totally rock if you would choose a different fabric for the skirt.
    I think like wide yellow and white strips.
    Or even chevron, though I'm kind of over it.

    Or narrow black and white strips.

    the way you combined it, it looks kind of "litte house in the prairie" to me....

  2. hahaha! I love your pictures! I hope you had a blast at the wedding!

  3. I need one of those, dress up to work dresses, it is so hard not to just stay in pajamas all day, when around the house.


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