Sunday, February 1, 2015

Centerfield Raglan

Awhile ago I had seen someone wearing a very pretty raglan shirt with a woven, silky front panel (I didn't dare ask how much she had spent on it!) and I was determined to make something similar myself.
I love it.
I did a little smaller seam allowance around the bust area on the side seams just to ensure it wouldn't be too snug around the bust, but other than that, it's normal sizing.
The dark grey fabric is from Girl Charlee (referral link)--a super soft and comfy cotton spandex.
And, the silky fabric for the front--well, I bought that around a year or so ago at the thrift store--a great find if I say so myself!
It'll be great to dress up a little without really dressing up.
Definitely not frumpy.
And, definitely cheaper than that shirt I saw...

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