Monday, February 15, 2016

Grey, Yellow, Green

Every now and then I get an order--usually it's a pretty general order as in 'I need some burp cloths' or, 'I need a rag blanket' or, 'Can you make me some bibs?'
This time, there was a color request included--grey, yellow, and green.  

I really didn't want to order from a US site right now as the CAN $ is rather poor, so I scoured the web for Canadian fabric shops that carried grey, yellow, and green flannelette.

This was the final choice and I ordered the fabric from Funky Monkey Fabrics. 
The backing of the burp cloth is from a towel I bought specifically to cut up for burp cloths as I've had an other order for burp cloths recently.  

The burp cloth pattern is from So Sew Easy.
I love the color scheme, and the fabrics are super soft--they'll be perfect for the baby they're meant for!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my fabrics in this beautiful rag quilt!!


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