Friday, September 29, 2017

Back to School Tour

This post contains affiliate links--they help support my sewing addiction so if you are inspired to buy a pattern because of what you see on my blog, please buy through my links. Thank-you! 

Or, the Not-Back-To-School stop on the tour...
We're not heading back to school as we homeschool, but each fall the kids are in dire need of some new, well fitting, un-torn, un-stained clothes. 
We do often leave the house for swimming lessons, co-ops, and other functions after all. 

So, first up is the Nivalis Dress from Sofilantjes and the Caramel Leggings from Filles a Maman. 

My daughter is thrilled with this outfit! 
I love the style of the Nivalis--I'm a sucker for European style. 
What I love about these is that they are not just plain leggings. 
They actually have design features, and the fit is great.

Next up is the Dax Trousers from Gracious Threads, the Military Messenger Bag from FABulous Home Sewn, and Rascal Raglan from Ottobre 4/2013.

So for this one, the Dax Trousers are such a classic pant style. 
The functioning fly, adjustable waist, and welt pockets make it so you can have play pants with a sturdy denim or you can have Sunday pants with a fancier fabric. 
My son uses the Military Messenger Bag for taking his Bible, pen, notebook, and other 'necessities' to Church. 
It makes a great book bag! 
(You can read more about this pattern and bag here!)

The shirt is a staple in this house. I keep turning back to this pattern for my kids. 
I do put a different cuff on this shirt than is provided in the magazine.
They have you put a cuff on single-layered and then still hem that. I do a folded over cuff so I don't need to hem the sleeves. It makes it a bit of a quicker sew and I prefer the look. 

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  1. Both outfits are fantastic! They look great. I need to try your bag soon, it's on my list! :)

  2. Both girl and boy look amazing in their new outfits!


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