Thursday, October 19, 2017

Apple Cardigan

I recently had the pleasure of testing a pattern for Bella Sunshine Designs!

When I saw the preview pictures, I knew I wanted in on the testing--I loved the look of it and my sewing to-do list was almost empty. 
But, I had to make sure I had enough fabric as the fabric requirements weren't the usual 1.5 yards or so for a cardigan but 2 5/8 yards. 
After finding this fabric in my stash, I signed up and soon found out why the fabric requirements were larger than I expected: the cardigan has a half circle skirt which takes up a fair amount. I think I used around 2 yards with stripe matching on a size 6. 

There were a couple adjustments made after the version sewn here (and that version was tested by the stage 3 testers!) The sleeves were slimmed down below the elbows and widened around the biceps. 
As with all the patterns I've sewn from Bella Sunshine Designs the pattern came together very well. 
It was a super easy and quick sew and it's perfect for fall layering! (If you have a fall...I think we skipped it as it was cold and snowing when we took these pictures!)

You can get the pattern here and there is also a girls' version of this pattern which you can get here
The ladies' version is on sale for $6.50 until October 24th, no code needed! After that it'll be $9. 
The girls' version is on sale for $5.50. 

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