Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Little Heartbreaker Pants'

So, I sewed up some pants for my oldest son this week--the 'Little Heartbreaker Pants' from the book, 'Sewing for Boys.' They look pretty neat but they're wide--even though they have the adjustable waist. I think next time, I'll have to sew up the size 2/3 and add the length for the 4/5 or, make them even smaller as my boys are pretty skinny!

I used a dark charcoal grey corduroy that, I believe, I got from the second hand store awhile back.
The contrast fabric is a quilting cotton from Fabricland that I bought when I first started sewing over two years ago. I used that same fabric for curtains and the 'Let's Go Fishing Hats' over here.

For the cuffs, I cut the fabric the opposite way to add some extra texture.

I like the whole faux fly thing--it makes them look less homemade and more professional.

Some bluish fabric peaking out of the pockets.

And, the back and front facing are also the same bluish fabric.
I find, especially with a thicker fabric like this that the back gathers rather roughly from the elastic--no nice, even gathers. Has anyone tried it with a thinner fabric and had any improvement on this aspect?

To add some detail, I added pockets to the back. Now that I look at the pictures, I think I would move them a little further off center and make them a bit bigger. But, this'll do nicely for now--he needs some pants--the jeans from Old Navy just don't last--they both have holes in the knees in less than 3 months of wearing them!

And, I'm linking up to Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts for the Sewing for Boys Sew Along.


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  1. Wow great job you are my favorite sewing women.
    Love Brad


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