Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Layered Ruffle Skirt

Not so recently anymore, I saw this cute skirt and, I knew that one day, I'd HAVE to make one.
What better fabric to use than the bright, colorful, Rhapsodia fabric fat quarters? So, after I had made the Itty Bitty baby dress over here, I had plenty left to make this. So, I looked up the original tutorial here, and started planning and scheming away.

After much deliberating and pausing in my work (as in weeks), I finally decided on the lengths of the strips, and wether or not I'd add another layer of fabric to thicken the top white (Walmart cotton) layer, I finished!

I even added a ribbon to cover the top raw edge--my first sewn ribbon ever.

And, a ribbon tag to tell what is the back. Not that it matters.

I really like the layers upon layers of bright, colorful ruffles. And, so does my daughter!


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