Friday, August 31, 2012

Still here...

I am still alive. Honestly!
I have just been super, super busy the last couple of weeks.
We first went camping for a couple of days followed by my sister's wedding.
The next week, I canned.
46 quarts of apple juice,
7 quarts of apple pie filling, and I'm not sure how many pint jars of pickles--there's 60 down there right now--a couple left from last year.
I believe there's around 30 some jars of beans.
And, I still have to do the beets--that is on my to-do list today.
And, maybe the carrots as well....(not today though--they're still in the ground)
We had to take the potatoes and beets out of the garden rather suddenly--we had a major hail storm that demolished the plants.
The kids enjoyed the aftermath!
Thankfully the potatoes and beets are underground. The carrots actually look pretty good yet--that's why they're still in the garden.
To top it all off, we have started home schooling last week and it takes some time to get a good routine. Especially since this is the first time ever for me for homeschooling. It is slightly overwhelming! But, already there is some progress.
We bought a new coffee table...
To store our homeschooling books.
 And, we had fun becoming Vikings!

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