Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunday Outfit

My daughter's Sunday shirt is getting too short and it's a summery shirt. So, of course, I had to sew a new one! I pulled out my Jalie 2805 pattern again. I made two other versions here. That is what I love about this and other Jalie patterns--most of them can be made from size 2 toddlers all the way up to size super big for women! How they do it, I do not know, but it works!
I had some issues sewing since I wasn't paying enough attention and sewed one of the arms on with the wrong sides facing. And, to get that coverstitch unstitched in this fabric--whew! I'm surprised it turned out as it did--the edges of that fabric were mutilated!
The fabric is a knit from Turquoise Stretch Ottoman Knit. I also used it for the arms of this shirt here. The applique is still from my Rhapsodia fat quarter bundle. It has been used a number of times, here and here.
Of course, I could NOT just leave it plain--it needed some girliness. So, a flower applique it was, with some buttons for the center. I really like adding little details like this--it makes it look so much more professional.
It'll work perfectly with her ruffle skirt! Add some tights and she has a winter outfit for Church!
Ha, and on a totally different note:
Quite the beast of a carrot!
Yes, this does mean that I got the carrots out of the garden and a bunch of them canned! This one was one for the canner--it won't last long in the cold room on account of all those projections.
Have a good weekend and a blessed Sunday!


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  1. Just came across your blog last night! Loved reading through all your older posts. You ended up choosing the same machine as mine!! And your projects all look Fabulous :). I haven't been as ambitious with quilting and sewing lately. I'm finding myself a little busy with kids and the everyday things life brings. I'll wait till it starts to rain and get back into my groove :) Take care Fenna!!


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