Friday, January 18, 2013

Mug Rugs a Year Late

It's 2013. Which is fine. Except that I had said I'd make three people a handmade gift in 2012. I didn't do that. And, I didn't remember until about two weeks ago that I had to do that--last year.
But, I thought what a great opportunity to try out some more paper piecing and quilting.
And, some mug rugs are pretty neat little gifts I'd say. Perfect for the cold Canadian winters to put your mug of hot chocolate, tea, or hot apple cider on it. Or, your coffee of course. But, with a mug of drink ought to come a bite to eat. And, there is room for that too.
I started by paper piecing their initials out of some scrap Rhapsodia fabric I still had. But, it needed a border. White--the only solid I have. (Yes, I really need to stash up on solid wovens.)

The backing is from Michael Miller's Hall of Fame line--sage plaid.
And, the 'batting' is again some of that super cheap pink flannel I have laying around.
I again quilted stitch-in-the-ditch around the letters so they'd show up on the back as well.

The binding is some more from the Rhapsodia line. I had a hard time using these--I really like the colors and should try squeeze something for myself out of them...

They are about 7" x 7". It's kind of neat how mug rugs have no 'set' dimensions.

I had tried adding a column of 1" x 2" strips on one side but it looked like an 'E' (without the vertical line) so I scratched that idea and just went with this.
Now to think of my next project....

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  1. Forgetting is the reason I haven't done any of those gift promises :) I'm so bad! At least you remembered now and the recipients will be happily surprised I'm sure!


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