Monday, April 29, 2013

KCW Days 4-6 and a 1/2

Day 4 of KCW, I sewed up a pair of Mr. Two-Faced Pants from the book, 'Sewing For Boys.'
I used the size 6 months in width and the size 12 months in length.
The white fabric is from a pillow that I had unstuffed for this project.
And, the car fabric is from the Fat Quarter Shop--City Centre by Marie Perkins for Robert Kaufman that I had bought a while ago.

I fussy cut one of the cars to applique on the pant leg and hand embroidered some puffs of exhaust coming out the back.

I still need some bright orange buttons to finish off the back pockets but I had none that matched. I'll have to go get some soon...
Then, on Day 5, I sewed up two Tricorn Seafarers Hats from the book, 'Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders.'
Again, this project is from Becka Rahn--same as the knight costumes I sewed up a while back. The fabric is actually left over from those same knight costumes.

First time I played with rick-rack and I really like the quick and easy results!
I left them on the couch so they'd find them in the morning. And, they did not fail me in their excitement--the oldest came into my room at 6.30 wearing his.
Now, they have their 'captain' hats as they like to call them.

On Day 6, I sewed up a Chef's hat from Ottobre 1/2013.
I think she's pretty happy:

The fabric is just white broadcloth I still had laying around from the capes I made for the boys.
I hand embroidered the design on and also my daughter's name--in pink as requested. She would have liked to have the whole hat in pink.
I finished this hat up quickly this morning--hence the 1/2 day.

And, here is the ship's crew,
Captain, Cook, and Look-out:

I hope you've enjoyed KCW--I have!



  1. Cute pants! Still haven't tried garment sewing but really been thinking about it.

  2. Such chute projects! Love how happy the kids are with them. :)

  3. I love the repurposing and upscaling of the fabrics and supplies you have at hand! You're an awesome mom for making your kids such adorable dress up accessories!


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