Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art Smock--Free Pattern and Tutorial

A number of years ago, I made two art smocks--my older boys still use theirs, even though it's been around 2, almost 3 years!
My daughter really needed one, so I thought I'd share the pattern and tutorial with you!

This art smock is around a size 2/3 but, my 5 year old is still wearing his. And, if your older child needs one yet, you can just add length and maybe a bit of width, depending on the size of your child.

So, first you'll need to have your basic sewing supplies.
1/2 yard of fabric
1 package of pre-made bias tape
An additional 36" of pre-made bias tape in contrasting or same color
And, the pattern, which you can download here.

Alright, lets get started.
Cut the pattern piece around the outside of the black line--I had to make it show up on the scanner, so I made the line on the pattern. Tape them together, matching up the lines and the circled A.

Lay the pattern on the fold of the fabric, and cut out one front piece, pulling the bottom line straight to the fold so there is no curved corner.
Then, fold the fabric in half again and lay the pattern piece on top, not on the fold. Remember to cut the curves this time. This will give you two back pieces, both facing the opposite direction.

With right sides facing, stitch the shoulder seams together, finishing the seam as you would normally do--with a zig-zag or a serger.

Press seam to front.

And, top-stitch.

Encase the arm curves in the bias tape. (NOT the 36")

Sew the side seams and finish the seam.
Trim the top corner at the armhole a little, as shown below:

Press seam to front and topstitch.

Starting at one back top, encase the back and bottom in bias tape (again, NOT the 36"), easing it around the bottom curves.

Encase the neck-line with the 36" piece of bias tape, leaving about 10" on each side for tying. Do stitch these ties all the way to the end to finish them neatly.

And, you're done! So easy and quick.
And, unless you have boys who like having paint fights, their clothes are safe.
The two for my sons each have the first letter of their name appliqued to the front.
I still plan on doing that for my daughter's...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
And, if something is unclear, let me know so I can improve this tutorial.


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  1. my messy girls need sleeves ;) Awesome job though!


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