Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another Laurel

As soon as my fabric from Girl Charlee (referral link) arrived, it was washed and I started on another Laurel Dress/Tunic from Greenstyle Creations.

Yes, I have plans for most of this fabric...
the two triangle ones were too cheap to pass up and I'm so glad I didn't.
They're so nice and soft!

 A dress this time though.

27 1/2 weeks
It's a quick but satisfying sew. And, it is so comfy.
I can see myself sewing up a whole wardrobe of these...
Next time though, I will leave off the back pleats. I think I prefer a cleaner look to the back.
I didn't feel like doing the math and when I realized the directions for that were in the official pattern (yes, I was too lazy and didn't read all the instructions) it was too late--I had already sewn the skirt pieces together with pockets and all. I was too lazy didn't feel like seam ripping it all out to change it up.

Oh, and I still have the giveaway running for a couple of days (till the 11th of March)--so you can win your own copy of this lovely pattern! Visit the post here.

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