Thursday, March 13, 2014

Castle Applique Pattern

I'm super excited to announce my first 'pattern'!
It's an applique pattern, and it is now available on Craftsy, here!
I am so super grateful to the ladies that helped with testing the pattern and who gave such great advice.
I also have a much greater respect for all the pattern designers out there--it took a lot of work making this, I can't imagine a full pattern!

My boys love it too!
They were pretty thrilled with their castles that they requested.
Some tester pics:
Stephanie from
Jess from

Jessica from
Thanks so much!
So, hop over to Craftsy and pick up the pattern! 

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  1. yay congrats on your first pattern! Thanks for letting me test it, It was really fun! I love how Jess used it on the bag :)


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