Thursday, October 23, 2014

Skinnies and a Bimaa

It's KCW and I wasn't really planning on sewing along, but thought I'd pop in with a couple things!
My oldest son needed a Sunday outfit for fall and winter. 
I used the Bimaa for the top, and let him pick which collar option he wanted.
I used a ponte de roma knit for the main (from Girl Charlee (referral link)) and a knit from Fabricland for the collar and cuffs.

For the jeans, I used Peek-a-Boo's Skinny Jeans (affiliate link) in a nice denim from Canadian National Fabric. 

I sized up, thinking he'd need it with a non-stretch fabric.
I shouldn't have--it's a little saggy in the butt.
But, they'll be warmer than his linen pants for the upcoming winter, so we're all good. 

As a side note--I lost my camera cord during this last picture, and I could NOT find it in the leaves.
I enlisted all the kids and told them they'd get $2 if they found it.
My oldest found it and was quite pleased to add $2 to his piggy bank.
I was quite pleased to have my camera cord back (and I reminded myself to CLOSE THE CAMERA BAG!!!) Ha!

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  1. Very nice, Fenna! I have been known to use that type of bribery to find things too. :-)


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