Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mystery Challenge No. 2

It's another Mystery Challenge!!
Mystery Challenge
I have to say--I love a good challenge as it often pulls out the creativity, and makes me go further than the 'plain' pattern.
When I was challenged by Barbara, from Country Bella, with a Jane Austen theme, I was quite excited--I love old style clothing.
As I searched, I saw a lot of peasant-style bodices on women, but I didn't really want to sew something for myself.
Then I found this:

I knew this was what I wanted to use as my inspiration.
It's so classic and feminine.
So...I got to work, and though it's not exact, I love the results!
I used Leila and Ben's Sweet Little Dress in size 6-9 months as a jumping off point.
But, I cut the bodice apart from the skirt, making sure to add seam allowances, so that I could use a lace overlay on the bodice, as lace just seems so Jane Austen-y.
I also lengthened the skirt by about 4 inches so I could add little pin-tucks.
They are hard to see on the pictures, but there are 5 of them.
The dress needed a sash, so I broke out my bag of vintage trims for some velvet-like ribbon which I topstitched mostly around and then let hang.
The 'intersection' where it hung had to be covered since tying it in a bow would show the ugly underside, so I took some pretty lace and hand stitched it into a flower on top of the 'intersection.'

 Next, some vintage-style bloomers.
 I would have loved if these were longer so they could peek out while she was standing, but they're not, and I wasn't in a frame of mind to lengthen them anymore.
But I wanted to show them to you, so I put my daughter on the ground and this is the look she gave me:
'Seriously, Mom?!'
 Ha, and as she was rolling around, I managed to get a shot of the bloomers.
No modifications were made on this one.
And, then....the headband to tie it all together.
 Well, the outfit might not be exactly accurate to the era of Jane Austen but I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

For a round-up of all the stops, stop by here.


  1. Very cute! And how is it that your baby is growing up so fast?!

    I've used a similar pattern to recreate a 16th century costume for my daughter. Fun!

  2. So sweet and adorable! I love Jane Austen's works, so I was really excited to see that someone has this theme :) Thanks for having fun with us again!


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