Saturday, April 25, 2015

KCW Day 6--Lazy Days Lounge Pants

Day 6.
In a bid to get some variety in his wardrobe, I made my 3rd son a pair of sweats out of one of my husband's old sweaters.
Actually--out of the sleeves, waistband, and hood. The rest is still salvageable for another project!
I sewed up Gracious Thread's Lazy Days Lounge Pants in a size 2. 
It's perfect for the weather we're having today--snow.
The inside of the pockets is a thin knit from one of my old tanks.
I wish I had put that on the front inside part of the pocket, not the back, but I learned a lesson for next time!

Even the drawstring is taken from the old hoodie!
 I love a good upcycle.
The waistband from the hoodie became the cuffs and waistband on this.
They are a little narrower than the pattern pieces, but my son didn't need the full width anyway!

And, that's it for KCW for me--I'm taking Day 7 off!

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