Thursday, April 30, 2015

Upcycled Hoodie

I had recently gone through my kids' wardrobes and handed down the clothes that no longer fit certain children, threw out the raggedy, stained clothing, and stored others.
In the process, I realized that my oldest son had only one sweater left.
And, he wasn't impressed by that fact.
My husband I had gone through my husband's clothes some time ago and had saved some clothes that I thought could be upcycled.
A grey sweater was one of them.

Now, to find the perfect pattern to turn my husband's large sweater into a sweater small enough for a seven year old.
I found something that I could use as a jump-off pattern in one of my Ottobre magazines--pattern #40, issue 4/2013.
The only problem was that he wanted the hoodie all in the same color.
And the pattern pieces would not fit.

So, instead of using the hood for the pattern, I carefully seam ripped the hood off the original and re-used it as it was.
It had to be eased into the neckline as it was a bit larger than the neckline.
The pocket was also not in the pattern so I drafted my own for that as well.
(The pattern has in-seam pockets.)

He loves it.
It's comfy especially with the super-sized hood!
And, it turned out to be relatively stylish other than the mark you can see where I took the front pocket off the original.

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  1. THat turned out great! and quite the impressive tree house ;)


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