Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry Blog Tour

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When I had the opportunity to join in on this tour, I had to. 
I had to because it is a bit of a joke around here about my Mount Washmore. 
You know--the mountain of laundry that is clean, but is waiting to be folded, and that everyone digs through to get the clothes they need. 
It makes it even more ironic that since I was a kid, my laundry folding skills were abysmal and my mom often made me refold the laundry I had folded rather haphazardly. 
I still fold it that way, when I get to it.
 Sorry Mom! 

It is true that instead of folding the laundry at night when I could sit down and do that in peace, I'd rather sit behind my sewing machine and ironically make even more laundry! 
(Nevermind the prewashing of the fabrics that go into my sewing hobby...) 

My first project that is a go-to sew that adds to my lovely mountain that continually grows, are the Go-To Leggings
This is my favorite legging pattern for my girls, and is a super quick sew...especially when you make them assembly-line style. About 20 minutes each.

I made four pairs. I only got pictures of two of them since the other two have already joined my laundry mountain.

Next up, I made a pair of shorts from the Tree Climber Trousers pattern.
From start to finish, I'd say it took me about two hours, and that included cutting the fabric, and all the fun top stitching.
Don't mind the wrinkled shorts...they had gone through the laundry a couple of times before I had a chance to actually photograph them, and they're from a very wrinkle-prone fabric. 
Who has time for ironing clothes?

Now, I have a child who is very petite, and getting him enough clothes that fit without having to dig through the laundry pile daily is an important thing for me.
So, when his pants became too short, and wore through the knees, I thought I'd transition them into shorts. 

I didn't want to just leave them as cut-offs, so after cutting, I hemmed them and reattached a button that had fallen off a long time ago.
A quick 10 minute fix! 

Thanks for reading this far--now the exciting part--a giveaway!

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And, be sure to check out all the other fun posts this week!



  1. LOVE that we're able to make clothes that actually fit our kids! So perfect to be able to turn all their jeans into shorts too!

  2. The shorts are perfect! I'm very glad to know that I'm not the only one with the mountain of laundry in their home!

  3. The cut off shorts are my favorite! And the stitching... So much better than my own! I'm glad you joined us. When I was a kid, I often had to refold because I wolded (say it like fold with a w). Wolding a is wading clothing up and calling it folded. Mom's don't like that. :)

  4. I love upcycling clothes and finishing those little projects that just need "one more thing" - so satisfying! Cute shorts, and I'm laughing about your folding problems - my mom despaired of teaching me to fold properly, and I still don't! I can, but who has time...:P

  5. What a lovely way to bring more longevity and reuse to clothing!

    And gorgeous!


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