Saturday, June 25, 2016

Origami Tunic

When my friend Jess  did a destash and offered me to come and go through what she was getting rid of, I jumped at the chance. 
Who doesn't 'need' more fabric? 
Especially when it's free! 
One piece I picked out was a decent sized, somewhat sheer, knit piece with a bit of sheen to it. 
I had in mind to make a maxi skirt or the like, but after some debating how best to go about lining it, I decided it best to not use it as a skirt but to use it as a flowy top. 

I went through my pattern library, (Yes, I think I can call it a library by now....) and chose to finally make the Origami Tunic by Love Notions. 
I've had this pattern for a long time but never had just the right fabric for it. 
I love the handkerchief hem, and the flowiness (is that a word?) of the top. 

It works perfectly with my black band pants. pants. From high school. 
Back in those days we had to wear black pants and a white shirt. 
I only wore them for band and once or twice since we've been married. 
So, they're still in great shape and amazingly still fit. 
Perfect to dress up a little without really dressing up. 

I actually ordered some more fabric to make another one. 
At least that's the plan. 
And plans may change....

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