Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mug Rugs!

In December I had some fun doing a couple of small quilting projects--mug rugs! 
For a couple of years already I've been wanting to make some of my friends a small Christmas gift and this year I finally got to doing it for four of them. 

I had so much fun coming up with different ideas for each one, and working with each of their favourite color combos. 
This first one I found a cool idea on Pinterest with stacked tea cups, so I found some neutral colors in my stash to make them and then appliqued them with sketch-like stitching. 

Next up I used my Dresden ruler and just sewed them together along the long ends, alternating the direction. Navy, yellow, and teal were the colors of choice here. 

Black and white, grey and blue. This one has random strips sewn together and then the blue fabric, I fussy-cut around the design in the fabric. It turned out so bold and fun!

The last one has the hearts appliqued onto a piece of white fabric and then I reverse appliqued that behind the Essex linen. This one is based on my plates and cups--this friend has always loved the color of my plates and cups. They look almost like Delft blue but are actually a Martha Stewart set from Sears years ago. 

It was neat, working with the fabric I had on hand, doing some different quilting techniques (mostly free motion and straight lines), and trying to be a little artsy with fabric.

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