Saturday, March 17, 2012

70's Pants...

A good friend of mine recently held a sewing class to teach people how to make a pair of pants. Needless to say, I joined--not because I didn't know how to sew or know how to make a pair of pants, but I love to sew and this was a great excuse to sew with a bunch of other ladies. Plus, the proceeds went to the Pregnancy Care Center. I'm all for giving support to pregnant ladies, especially when abortion is a go-to 'treatment' to get rid of unwanted babies during and even right after (!) pregnancy. (So, if you're reading this and are thinking of having an abortion--it is not the only option--it shouldn't even be an option to kill your baby.)  
Anyway, back to the sewing class...
Carla from the Scientific Seamstress had donated the Easy-Fit Pants Pattern for us to use. I made those at home for a gift. Instead, another lady and myself worked on the Dortje Trousers from the book, Sewing Clothes Kids Love, by Nancy Langdon.

My husband thinks they look like 70's pants but I love them:

Giraffes for my little girl--a Premier Prints fabric that I bought at and same with the white fabric--another Premier Prints twill. The denim fabric I bought at a local second hand store. And, the grey shirt is from Wal-mart--I just added an applique to make it match.

A great project to play around with fabrics and appliques. And, in action:

Yes, they were quite muddy after this, but what else are pants for then to go outside and splash in the mud?!


  1. I don't think they look like 70's pants---I think they look like super comfy kid pants! Good job!

  2. They look so fab and comfy, thanks for sharing on FB!


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