Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seam-ripped project....

Ever try sewing when you're tired? Or, quickly try to do a step in the pattern while the baby is letting you know he is hungry? I did that last night...and I paid for it. Last night, I started sewing my Jalie 2793 pattern again--the Empire-Waist Tunic pattern. I absolutely love this pattern!! And, I was super excited to break out some fabric I had put aside for this pattern.
While trying to sew the neckband to the bodice, I goofed. The privacy panel was not between the bodice and the neckband--it was in front. And, I had sewn it with a great stitch on my machine that is meant for knit fabrics, and I cannot for the life of me think of the name, but it is a straight stitch and at the same time, a zig-zag on the edge. I usually love that stitch as it provides a nice clean finish and looks professional. I did not love it last night. It took me well over an hour to seam-rip that small section so I could take the privacy panel off and stick it between the other two pieces. Sigh....
But, after putting it together the right way last night, and doing some more sewing this morning, I finally finished:

The fabric is a stretch matte jersey knit from It's a very easy fabric to work with--just not an easy fabric to seam-rip!

I made it a size smaller than the previous one I made, here. I'm glad I did, as the privacy panel actually works, rather than having to wear a tank top underneath.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like a seam-ripped project anymore!

I really need someone to take the pictures rather than trying to take them in the mirror or using the timer...sigh...

I've entered in the Spring Top Sewalong at Made By Rae!


  1. Great job! I was browsing on the Spring Top flickr and saw this with FennaB and thought, really? Fenna's not a very common name and it is you :) Very fun to see something from someone you know on the big internet!


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