Thursday, June 7, 2012

Richard Scarry and Sail Boats

My oldest son received this book some time ago--I think for either his last birthday or the one before that. It is one of his favourites.

Lately he has been looking at this page--the woodworking page:


 He loved the sailboat and was asking us to help him make one. So, finally after we had bought a jigsaw we cut some wood into a rough boat shapes (the others decided they wanted one as well, so we made three), drilled a hole in each, and glued in a mast. To attach the horizontal mast 'beam,' we nailed the larger one and tied the smaller ones to it, reinforcing with Elmer's Glue All, I believe the name is.
This morning, I cut out some triangles from fabric, zigzag stitched the edges and folded it over once each to make the edges stronger. I inserted a grommet on each point of the triangle and tied the sails to the masts with string. Don't you think the fabric looks kind of nautical?


There is the finished product: 3 rough but usable sail boats.

And, they float--we gave them a test run in the bathtub this morning. Ha, the kids were ready to join them in the bathtub, except I used cold water!

Yes, my second child is wearing a matching shirt. He saw me working with that fabric this morning and he promptly went to his closet and chose that shirt to wear for today.
Wonder what will be made next!

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