Monday, October 15, 2012

KCWC Days 5 and 6

So, I sewed up some PJ pants for my oldest boy and for my girl for days 5 and 6. I know, 2 days to sew up two pairs of PJ pants is pretty sad. But, the first day was spent mostly cutting out and adjusting the pattern used and then cutting out the fabric.

I'm so glad I adjusted the pattern--the pants would have been enormous!
The pattern is from the book Sewing for Boys--the Kickin' Back Sweats pattern which if lengthened is the Sweetheart PJs and if shortened the Bobby's Bathers.
For my oldest son, I used the size 6/7 sweats length and size 2/3 width. He's almost 5 and this worked great--it has a nice wider hem so I'll be able to lengthen it if I don't just make him a new pair by that time.

For my 2 year old daughter I used the same pattern but I used the size 2/3 length and took in the 2/3 width by about 2 inches. Again, I'll be able to lengthen the pants if I want.

I had to add a tag to each so they (and I) could tell what is the back and what is the front.

The fabric used for both is flannel that I got for around $3 a metre. Pretty good deal I'd say! Unfortunately, almost two years ago, I was not wise enough in the sewing area to realize how much I'd need to make a full set of PJs. I'll probably have to buy some shirts from Walmart for cheap and applique to make them match. Or, I can try piecing things together--we'll see what I do.
But, that is a project for another day!
That's it for my KCWC. It was a challenge for myself to get an hour in every day, but I think I managed and got some stuff done that otherwise takes a back burner. A success I'd say.

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