Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Medium

In a week or so I'm hoping to teach a quick sewing class to the girls in our homeschool group. I am nervous! I have never taught a class before and I'm trying to think of a cool project to do in two hours after giving them the low-down of the sewing machine. In my quest to find a project for them, I turned to the book, Improv Sewing.
There are a lot of super neat, quick projects in here. But, I chose to give the Custom-Stitched Card and Envelope a try.
Three tries actually. One card is just boring on its own. Two is an incomplete. But, three is a perfect set.
This is one of the first times I've sewn on paper. And, I like it. Not as much as I like sewing on fabric--I still really like the feel of the fabric in my hand as something emerges from my sewing machine. But paper is neat.

I'm thinking because of the need to decrease the amount of pressure on the presser foot, I won't be able to do exactly this for the girls. I may need to practise some more and play around a bit more with my machine--using normal presser foot pressure for the curves.
If you're interested in these, I did add them to my shop--I don't often send cards--I actually forget to send cards most of the time. So, they're up for grabs there for $7 for the set.
If you've never visited my shop, go have a look! There is a giveaway (and auction) for 20% off any one item in my shop going on hosted by Little Dragonfly Boutique.

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