Saturday, October 27, 2012

PJ's Times Three

Remember the PJ pants I sewed for KCWC days 5 & 6? Well, I sewed up another pair plus finished off the required tops.
The pants are again the same pattern out of the Sewing for Boys book. But, I cut the length to size 4/5 for the Sweats pattern and again took in the width an inch or two. This one has less room to grow in length for some reason but it is unlikely I'll actually take the time to re-hem the pants. More likely they'll just get passed on down the line though it'll be a couple of years before my 9 month old will fit them! Oh, and the fabric is again some flannel that I bought a couple of years ago for, I believe, $3 per meter.

For two of the tops, I bought long sleeved tops from Walmart and appliqued the pictures from the accompanying pants onto them.
For my oldest son, I had enough fabric to make a shirt from the same fabric I had used for the pants. Plus, I added some red fabric--a bamboo rayon/cotton baby rib knit from The pattern is McCalls # 4283 view D. I used size 3 (even though my son is 5) and just lengthened it. He is quite skinny and I had made this pattern before (before I had a blog) and I knew it ran wide and short. I am quite pleased how it turned out except the arms are a teensy bit short. He was slouchy when I tried it on him to gauge where to cut the arms!

I went out in  -5 degree weather to hang them up outisde and try take some decent pictures. A bit of a fail as I was shivering and trying real hard to hurry on such a blustery cold day! Do you see that snow there on the ground? It looks rather wintery out here except there is no foot of snow yet--just a dusting.  

A neatly folded stack of warm, cozy PJs all ready to be worn tonight!

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