Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hanami Top and a Skirt

It is done! The Hanami Top by StraightGrain!!
And, I love how it turned out.
So does my daughter.
She wanted to wear it all day after pictures. Even though it's supposed to be a Sunday outfit, I let her. Partly because I thought it looked rather cute on her and partly because with such enthusiasm over something I've sewn for her, I just can't say no.
There were only a few pictures where she was standing relatively straight. I guess she had to try out how it felt in all sorts of different poses...sigh.
The fabric I used is from Madrona Road--wild carrot in pink, bought here.

And, the lining is some white cotton I had in my stash...I think from Walmart.
I made a size 4 so she could wear it this winter with a long sleeved shirt underneath and then wear it next spring and summer too!

And, the buttons are from Fabricland.
 I love that I have a number of boxes of buttons that match!
The skirt is a basic skirt--1 1/2 times as wide as my daughter's waist and gathered with an elastic waist.
I *had* to add a ribbon (from Walmart) to differentiate the back from the front.

It is made from Premier Prints twill, bought here.

Now, to get on with the rest of my ever-lengthening list!


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