Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Goals and New Fabric!

I cannot believe that it is already September!
August was a very quiet sewing month--I only made one top for my little niece.
The rest of the time, I was too busy camping, canning, and life in general.
Now, September is rolling around and I'm not sure what I'll get done since school starts again and I'm homeschooling. But, I did start two button-up shirts for my oldest two boys for which they picked the fabric:

I need to finish those.
Both pieces of fabric were picked up on our camping trip when we stumbled upon a quilting shop in Stettler.

A friend of mine made a order recently and I joined in to save on shipping. Actually, I think I splurged a bit and just might have contributed to most of the order....sigh...

But, I have plans for most of the fabric--really I do!

 I *need* to make my two oldest boys each some pants.
I don't know how they wear through their pants so quickly!
But, the camo twill is for that.
I can probably make 2 pairs each...

My daughter needs a new Sunday outfit for the Fall/Winter, so the Premier Prints twill ( is hiding in the picture) is for a skirt while the Michael Miller print from the Madrona Road is for a top.
So, either the Maggie Mae tunic or the new Hanami top...anyone?

The two Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen pieces (here and the denim-blue doesn't seem to be available anymore) are intended for fancy button-ups for my boys. Although pants out of those would be good too. We'll see if I have enough for both.

The butterfly print (Aprils Garden--doesn't seem to be any left), the other Michael Miller print and the sparkly knit (was on for $2.99 when I bought it!) are for unknown projects.
Although the butterfly print would make a super cute dress for my daughter! Maybe the Tinny?

So, for September, I hope to finish the kid-picked button shirts, and the camo pants.
Those are my two goals for September!

And, I will leave you with this fun picture--this is what we did most of our camping trip:


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