Wednesday, September 18, 2013

War Pants

My little soldiers needed new pants.
War pants to be exact.

Yes, they are quite thrilled.
And, I love the fact that they are so excited about these pants and that they look decent--not like little beggars anymore with their pants that have holes in them.
 One of them had even torn a big hole in his Sunday pants.
The pattern is from Petite Kids Boutique--the London Pants, again. (Yes, I love this pattern!)
Instead of putting lining fabric in the legs and making the hem able to be rolled up, I just hemmed them normally. My boys are not such big fans of having their pants rolled up. Especially not 'war' pants.

The fabric is from and it is a camo twill. I love it though it is a little stiff. But, that will wear off once it is washed a number of times.

Lots of pockets for storing little helper already filled them up with pickling cucumbers to bring them in the house.
Actually, I had cut the fabric out, both the outer and lining, when my husband said, 'Tractors? That just does not go with army pants.'
My reply, 'Well, it's what I have on hand and you won't even notice.'
The next morning, my sons saw the two piles of pieces and both of them said, 'Tractor fabric with army pants?! I don't want that!'
Then the oldest very tactfully said, 'Well, I guess you already cut it.'
So, yes--the lining in the pockets and the waistband are John Deere tractor fabric that my MIL found at the thrift store.
You can't even tell.
And, my very particular boys are satisfied--so satisfied that I didn't even have a chance to photograph them unworn.


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  1. Fabulous! They look really good. Isn't it great when they are so thrilled?!


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