Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally--the Tinny!

I finally got around to the Tinny Dress from Straight-Grain that I had been hoping to sew up for my girl!
I sewed up a size 4 with size 5 length--I dislike when she grows out of her dresses in a couple of weeks.
The fabric is from Betz White and I managed to just eke this out of what I had left after this top.
So, lining up flowers at the (invisible!!!) zipper was out of the question, unfortunately.

Some of the instructions I found a little confusing, especially with the collar and facing, so I just improvised with what I knew would work.
It is definitely a fun pattern with the different collar styles, different sleeve cuffs, and different skirt options!
I did the notched cuffs, pleated skirt (I didn't have enough fabric for the circle skirt), and the asymmetrical collar.

My girl was so excited to go for a photo shoot--and after we picked a small bouquet of dandelions, she was even more excited.

And, the second youngest wanted to be in on the pictures too...

My friend Jess, from Gracious Threads gifted me the e-book, Style that Kid by Alida Makes as a 'baby gift.'
I've tried to incorporate some of what I've learned into this shoot--a prop (dandelions), getting as natural light as possible, etc.
The pictures are not perfect--quite far from it, but I'm excited to be learning!

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