Thursday, June 19, 2014

Something Sweet, Something Slimy, Something Sewn

 I no longer look like or feel like a hippo.
The culprit has emerged:
Our dear little daughter, our little blessing, our gift from God!
Leah Bethany was born last week weighing in at 7lb 13oz.
And, I have to say she is so sweet.

We are adjusting to a new routine and a tired Mama.
One of the refuel naps I was taking, my son caught this--a slimy frog:

Imagine my surprise when I'm looking through pictures on my camera of little Leah and suddenly there are pictures of grimy hands and slimy frogs. Yes, I was surprised.
When I asked where this picture came from, my oldest son told me he had caught it and had wanted to show me. But, I was asleep, so Daddy had taken a couple of pictures.
Love it.
Finally, I was able to get some sewing done, after a long absence of my sewing machine.
I had brought it to the shop to get serviced, hoping it'd be a week.
Three weeks...sigh.
But, it's back after my dear husband drove to the city and back to pick it up (1.5 hour round trip) and I'm back at it.

My youngest son is 2 1/2 and he needs to be potty trained.
But, he still wears size 12-18 month clothes.
Perfect time to whip up some undies out of old tank tops of my own!

I love adding fun tags to their clothes!
They're not perfect, but they'll hopefully do the trick of getting him potty trained.
He's already excited about them.
And, I'm excited to be back in 'business.'


  1. Congrats again on your sweetie! And glad to see you sewing again. I think after each kid it took me months, not weeks, to get back to my machine! :)

  2. Congratulations to your family! Enjoy her!

  3. Yay for having your machine back! Those undies look great; thanks for linking up with Embellish is for BOYS!

  4. Oh My! I can't believe you are going to potty train when you have a little one, good luck, and so sweet of hubby to take pictures of the frog and not to let the boys "bring" it to you! Are you doing cloth diapers on Leah?

  5. Congrats! She is a doll! That is so cute too. Your son for sure would get along with my Zoe!

  6. Congratulations on your baby girl.


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