Monday, June 2, 2014

Lorelei Dress Blog Tour

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When Elizabeth from E-Beth Designs was looking for people to participate in a blog hop for the Lorelei Dress--I was quite eager to jump on board.
Even though I was 34 weeks pregnant, and the post would be due the week I was due.
Anything can work, right?
So, I got to sewing and got pictures taken while I was 36 weeks pregnant.
May 7--36 weeks
 I love how it turned out--it fits a baby belly perfectly.

And, with Elizabeth's instructions, I got a first invisible zipper in that is actually invisible!
I did leave out the tulle and the lining for the skirt part.
Mainly because I didn't have enough lining fabric for it, and also because once I get going, I'm impatient to get done!
The main fabric is a linen that I found at the 2nd hand store and the lining is a quilting cotton from Walmart.

It's great for twirling!
(Yep, we had fun with the pictures.)
I had actually hoped to take pictures outside, but it was rather frosty that morning, and had been snowing off and on the days previous, so I resorted to taking indoor pictures.

A great thing about this pattern is that it contains different cup sizes so you don't need to do a FBA to get it to fit properly. Just print out the cup size you need, in the size that you need--easy!
And, a surprise:
Enter the giveaway to win your own copy of the Lorelei Dress!
There will be 3 copies given away!
Enter here:
 And, if you can't wait to sew one up, there is a discount code in the shop for $3.00 off--use the code blogtour. If you do win and you've bought it already, you will be refunded!
 Make sure to check out the shop:

And, the direct link to the dress is: Lorelei Dress

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  1. That turned out great! I love how versatile this pattern is!

  2. Wow, that fits so great! Less fluffy definitely works for it as a more casual look. Nice!!

  3. I would have never thought this would work as a maternity dress, but it looks great! Congrats on #5...hang in there!

  4. You look great! Looks good as a maternity dress too! :)

  5. Love the baby belly bump and being able to twirl, yippee, bet your girls want a dress just like that too, now.


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