Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Raw-Edged Raglan Tee

I really like this pattern! The Raw-Edged Raglan Tee from the Sewing For Boys book. It's great--easy to whip up and very versatile. Perfect for baby gifts.

It was a bit too windy to take decent pictures outside--the camel started looking much less like a camel than it really does so I headed back inside to take some less proper colored pictures. This was the only one that looked like a camel...the others looked like this:

Yep, not like it should be--kind of wonky.

The desert color (kind of a greenish-yellow) fabric is a knit from the second hand store and the turquoise a ribbed sweater knit from

I found the camel picture that I used for the applique here. Very cute picture--perfect for the somewhat desert color of the shirt (minus the turquoise color of course!)  

I should sew some of these up for my own kids--I keep giving them all away!

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