Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rag Blanket

So, I have done a bit of sewing the past week--not a ton, but I whipped this together to add to my stock of rag blankets for sale on my Facebook page. I realized I was a little low on the girly rag blankets, so I need to restock. Plus, fresh stock is always great!

A bit of a windy day, but I'm working on my photography skills, heh. It is amazing how the sunlight makes much nicer pictures than inside a darkish house.


And, a close-up to see the lovely fabric this is made of:

Purple checked flannel with some lovely white flannel that has variegated dots scattered on it. I believe it's from Fabricland--I bought it off a lady from our local Swap and Buy site. I love a good deal!
Now, to get behind my sewing machine again and whip up some more lovely projects!!!

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