Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Upcycled Dress

Some time ago, I bought this at Value Village:

Quite an unflattering style, but the print looked like something I could use for my daughter's clothes. It's a knit fabric--a polyester and spandex mix.
I had found a pattern in my book, Fabric by Fabric One-Yard Wonders--the Sassy Dress--perfect for my little girl.
And, here is the outcome of a bunch of seam ripping the orginal dress, cutting, and the fun part--sewing:

The front. I'm not sure I like how heavy the pocket seems on this fabric--it pulls down a bit too much.

And, the back--I used a fabric-covered button. The seam in the back is the original back seam in the original dress. I couldn't squeeze both front and back from the front, unfortunately. 
The pink fabric is an interlock knit from Michael Miller in Raspberry. I've had this laying around for quite some time now--around a year and a half. I have used it for other projects before but I'm not thrilled with the quality of this fabric. Usually Michael Miller fabric is lovely, but this batch of interlock for some reason doesn't retain it's shape--it stretches out and doesn't really bounce back very well. But, as binding it doesn't do too bad. Adds a nice pop of color to an already brightly colored dress. Now, the weather just has to warm up and my daughter can wear this as a play dress--I'm looking forward to summer!

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  1. You finished! Looks great! I have the same MM interlock and am very disapointed too.

  2. I *have* to start going to thrift stores and viewing the clothes as fabric, not as clothes! (Not going for the giveaway, as it's not my size either, but still looking around.) Such a sweet dress... maybe I need to get that book too!


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